John Lamb, drummer and author of "Anatomy of Drumming."

Thomas Pridgen

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New Designs!

Three new designs in Ultra Suede for the Custom S, starting at $230 plus tax and shipping. Please call or email to order.

Danny Patterson using the Motion-Pro drum throne. The entire body moves with no compression on the lower back.

Full mobility when drumming.

Booth 2507 NAMM 2015 with Peter Szendofi

Lords of Ruin drummer, Largarto Marley

White Tiger

The only drum throne enhancing mobility

I have been working on this concept for many years. The entire body is moving when drummers are playing and performing. You can not expect your arms, legs, hips to be moving and yet, you're sitting on a stationary seat with your back being compressed. When you are practicing or performing on the Motion-Pro split-seat you can not slump or compress the spine, you will find yourself sitting up as you start to move your legs.

Richard Robertshaw, D. C.

When Mobility is Essential

With Spinal-Glide    Technology

The Pro-1 Glider and the Custom-S Glider are in stock. Round tops are special order, cloth or vinyl nor extra charge. Allow four weeks for round seats.


Danny Patterson

Custom-S Glider

  (softer foam)

Introductory price $199 + $59 for tax and shipping.

Does not include tripod, adapts to

tripod posts.  Call for more information.

Motion-Pro Drum Thrones


Motion-Pro drum throne is a product from;

Spinal-glide drum thrones, LLC.

300 Montgomery St #204

San Francisco, CA 94104

Cell; 530-913-1916                Email;


El Negro

The Motion-Pro drum thrones are fitted with patented spinal-glide technology.  A split seat, independently spring supported drum throne. The seat is split to allow the two pelvic bones to move reciprocally and not impede motion of the body.  These springs are very strong so you will not lose firmness and stability.

Our goal is to reduce back pain and strain from long hours of practice and playing.

We eliminate pressure on the sacrum and lower back while enhancing mobility of pelvis and lower back.This product is extremely durable and  is built to last.

Pro-1 Glider

(firmer foam).